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Why did we start mycro?

If you’re familiar with MINERAL, our whole-plant hemp brand and our answer to cannabis as medicine, then it will come as no surprise the dedication of mycro to preserving potent nutrients and ingredients into life-enriching solutions for anxiety, stress, and depression.

mycro is a collection of nutrient-dense, adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods to improve Vitality, Cognition, and Immunity in the brain and body.

Our formulations preserve potent, medicinal mushrooms and natural, effective adaptogens in pure, raw honey and nut butters to extend product durability and dependability.

By infusing nutritious superfoods and herbal nootropics into substances the body is familiar with, mycro products become delicious, daily snacks that simplify and replace a collection of supplements with a spoonful of honey.

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Fruiting body

In applesauce, apples are processed into sauce, excluding the branches of the apple tree.

In formulating with mushrooms, the fruiting body is the apples of our honey.

Everything above the ground, the classic and most recognizable part of a mushroom, is the fruiting body.

Pure, potent and the most effective, fruiting body mushrooms are high in beta-glucans and contain active compounds crucial to experiencing the true benefits of medicinal mushrooms. 


Beta-glucans are soluble fiber polysaccharides that occur naturally in the cell walls of functional mushrooms and maintain a healthy gut bacteria to support cholesterol level, blood sugar management, and immune system response. 

As a soluble fiber, beta-glucans slow the transit of food in the intestine, allowing carbohydrates to be delicately absorbed and creating an enjoyable, longer satiated feeling in the body and mind.

When the food we consume is digested more intentionally, the body will slow its ability to quickly process sugar, supporting healthier blood sugar levels.  

While traveling through the digestive tract, beta-glucans attach to cholesterol in our food and assist in the passing through our bodies. 

Additionally, their high antioxidant properties produce short-chain fatty acids in the intestine, which increases the speed at which we metabolize. 

mycro honey formulations contain an unprecedented amount of beta-glucans.

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Adaptogens enable the body to find its ideal equilibrium physically, psychologically, environmentally, etc.

The body naturally works with adaptogens to enhance a state of wellbeing, rather than feel extreme psychological effects expected from other substances.

Recognized for their ability to minimize stressors and support immunity, adaptogens read and respond differently to individuals.

The neuroendocrine system, the body’s tool for communicating with the nervous system through hormones, brings synergy to the body. This system also controls the body’s stress response, limiting it when necessary.

Stressors are heightened by various factors: environmental, physical, chemical, consumable, etc.

Adaptogens contribute to the body’s equilibrium by offering up their own benefits when consumed or absorbed by working with the aforementioned neuroendocrine system, as well as with the hypothalamus and pituitary glands.

Because adaptogens work with the body to find the right balance, stacking adaptogens enables individuals to experience maximum effects. The variety provides a library of resources for the body to find its equilibrium.



We use pure, unadulterated ingredients that pass through multiple rounds of testing.

We will never use endocrine disruptors or ingredients that stress the environment. 100% free from toxins. Cruelty free.


All ingredients are bioactive (easily absorbed in the gut) and bioavailable (easily assimilated).

We never use flow agents that negatively affect the microbiome or inhibit absorption. No fillers, no fluff.


Our formulas contain high concentrations of clinically proven ingredients.

Our plants are harvested at their peak potency and our vitamins, minerals, and botanicals meet the highest quality standards for purity.