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A near perfect launch

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hi, friends.

If you’re in love with honey and follow this newsletter with as much enthusiasm as I do in composing it, then you noticed our launch of Brain Bars wasn’t as smooth as honey. 

Or perhaps you didn’t notice because the idiosyncrasies of various short-term failures in running this business are well kept from those of you that keep this business in business.

I noticed. And I was embarrassed. Fortunately, a quick Brain Bar immediately set me straight and provided the motivation necessary to draft this note:

In December 2020, well before mycro launched with three adaptogenic honeys, Brain Bars were created and regularly consumed amongst our office. 

The impetus for Brain Bars was simple: I want to eat real, nutrient dense food while on-the-go.   

I don’t shop in grocery stores very regularly and most of my meals are eaten at home. Nonetheless, throughout my day I get hungry, energy depleted, and lose focus. I needed something between meals, that wasn’t a meal, and provided the benefits necessary to keep me motivated. 

Because real food will do that.

As with all things mycro makes, Brain Bars were created to solve a problem I faced daily. After that problem was solved we began preparing to share it with you. 

So we set out to do that in January of 2020. I’m confident one can imagine the complexities that cause two and half year delays. Still, I’ve created an abbreviated version of various developmental issues for those of you that need to know:


Problem: Our product manufacturer for the honeys didn’t possess the ability to make food bars. We sought out a bar manufacturer. Their minimums were 100k bars. We wanted to make 10k. 

Solution: Texas! Eventually we found a beautiful partner in Buda, Texas with the machines and experience necessary to make bars and willing to work with our smaller production run.

Then another problem: Our partner didn’t have the parts for creating our unique bars. 

Solution: Money! We purchased the parts.

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods


Problem: In July of 2021, I decided it would be a brilliant idea to draft and print the label and box packaging, prior to the production versions being finished. 

Following production, a box designed to fit 8 bars only fit 4. 

Solution: As of the writing of this lengthy article, if you order a box of 8 Brain Bars you receive two boxes of 4 Brain Bars

We’re currently designing the box to fit 8 production versions of Brain Bars!

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods


Problem: All previous versions of Brain Bars were made at home, by hand. When creating production versions within a commercial kitchen, our curation of diverse ingredients didn’t come together well enough to hold. 

Solution: We adapted and sourced organic ingredients that blended well with our honey and held together when created for distribution.

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods


Problem: Due to a technical error, those of you enthused mycro followers weren’t able to click the newsletter containing the link to Brain Bars product page. 

Solution: This note!

Rarely do I ruminate on the gravity associated with my endeavors. I simply create a plan and begin. Well, there was nothing simple with Brain Bars and, including Thursday’s launch, nothing went to plan. 

Nonetheless, we adapted. Throughout the development of this product we consumed the Brain Bars to keep us focused and stress free so that we could continue to adapt to the changes out of our control. 

With this last notion in mind, we’ve changed the name of Brain Bars to Adapt Bars. I’m confident now that things will begin to materialize just as we’ve envisioned.

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mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods