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Adapting to Environment

Functional mushrooms’ and adaptogens’ benefits are seen from consistent use. Like working out, benefits are apparent by implementing habits.

immunity honey by mycro

On the Market

For mycro, mushrooms and other adaptogens are the core of product development.

Having gained traction in the states lately, mushroom brands are trending.

Many brands add enough of the product to list it on the label, but too little to yield noticeable benefits.

mycro does the opposite, wasting no space with our formulations.

Let's Adapt

Mushrooms and adaptogens are stacked to enable you to feel a range of benefits, as opposed to, for example, choosing between a Lion’s Mane option for nervous system or Turkey Tail option for immune system. 

As taught within the realm of modern medicine to take supplements “because they’re good for you”, we encourage you to consume a daily spoonful of mycro to support your wellbeing.

The difference?

Your body easily absorbs supplements even if you don’t need them.

For example, excess Vitamin D can negatively affect the heart.

Adaptogens are intelligent, adapting to your body.

Your body has a natural, unique equilibrium, which adaptogens understand.

the super stack

The aforementioned equilibrium is thrown off by stressors, which affect individuals differently.

Stressors are environmental, physical, psychological, and chemical, and eventually overwhelm our body, resulting in what we know as symptoms.

Natural Equilibrium

+ Stressors

= Stressed Equilibrium

+ Adaptogens (counteract stressors)

= Closer to Natural Equilibrium

+ Time

= Normalized Equilibrium

turkey tail mushroom


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