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Brain Waves

The brain is an electrochemical orgain. Wild, right?

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Researchers speculate that a fully functioning brain – like one that eats honey and gets eight hours of sleep – is capable of generating 10 watts of electrical power. Or enough to charge your cell phone. 

Although the electrical power of the brain is quite limited, it does occur in specific motions that are characteristic of the human brain. These are known as brain waves and they range from high amplitude, low frequency Delta to low amplitude, high frequency Beta – or deep dreamless sleep to high arousal. 

There are four brain waves in total. Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta.

We summarize them like this: 

Beta – fastest, high frequency and strongly engaged mind

Alpha – slower, higher amplitude and meditative or resting mind

Theta – greater amplitude, lower frequency and daydreaming mind

Delta – slowest frequency, greatest amplitude, deep dreamless sleep

When the brain is aroused and actively engaged in mental activities, it generates beta waves, as a highly engaged mind.

When we complete a task, or sit down to meditate we generate alpha waves. 

As our tasks become mundane, and we can operate on auto-pilot, we enter a theta wave state. 

Delta represents the highest amplitude possible for our brain and is indicative of a deep, restorative sleep.

One brainwave state may predominate at any given time, however, depending on our activity level, the other three brain states are present. Thus, when we’re aroused and generating beta waves, we also create smaller levels of alpha, theta, and delta.

Understanding these brainwave states is crucial to utilizing the specialized characteristics of each wave creation. Or, the secret to improving mental productivity across various activities, including: being intensely focused, relaxed, creative and in a deep sleep.

How does this pertain to honey? Well, the energetic make-up of each honey formulation is curated to fit a specific brain wave. This includes the quantities of each ingredient and the ways in which it interacts with the quantities of other adaptogens. 

For example: 

Vitality , Activate, and Adapt Bars are formulated to aid the mind in generating beta waves by way of mixing Ashwagandha, Lion’s mane, Chaga, and Shilajit. 

Shilajit eradicates mental fatigue and improves the effectiveness of all other adaptogens. 

Ashwagandha and Lion’s mane activate the brain and reduce stress. 

Chaga and Ashwagandha improve energy.

Calm is formulated to improve the brain’s ability to create theta and delta brain waves through the inclusion of Passion flower, Lavender, Cordyceps and Reishi. 

Passion flower and lavender reduce stress and anxiety while improving sleep. 

Cordyceps and Reishi calm the nervous system.

Immunity is formulated to aid the overall generation of all brain waves by mixing Turkey tail, Elderberry, Shilajit, and Gynostemma. 

Shilajit and its naturally occurring humic and fulvic acids, detoxify heavy metals from the brain and body. 

Turkey tail and Elderberry improve the body’s immune system, allowing the brain to maintain a healthy function. 

Gynostemma balances blood sugar levels keeping the brain balanced and nourished.

Collectively, all honeys and Adapt Bars are capable of improving the brain’s ability to generate specific and all brain waves.

This is no coincidence, as our formulations are created to assist the brain and body in their quests to adapt to anything.