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How it started

Before we begin, this is a very kind and not pushy reminder that enthused newsletter readers receive 20% off MINERAL and a complimentary box of 4 Adapt Bars when acquiring formulations from MINERAL.

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This note is ‘How it started’, the impetus of mycro. For a complete history on why food as medicine, please go here to watch a brief film we produced about the story of MINERAL – might as well shop around while you’re there ;).

I’m an anxious person. At a young age I was diagnosed with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) — something that plagued me throughout my youth and into adulthood. My mother saved various reports from clinicians doing studies on me, and I’ve reviewed and revisited them in depthly.

Not because I’m super interested in how they read, but because of my ADHD… 

ADHD is the most common neurodevelopmental disorder in childhood. Which is odd to me because I consider myself quite unique. I’ve tried and failed to curb the disorder with the various prescription medications available to a 12 year old that can’t focus. The harm they cause the mind and body is palpable and I’d rather struggle with my own issues than suffer from a less than advantageous pharmaceutical. 

So I struggled. And although I chose the struggle over the suffering, I suffered too. The disorder not only affected my focus, it hindered my ability to feel at peace, in myself and in my personal relationships. Without a trusted source for relief, I struggled and suffered for the majority of my life. 

In 2016 I traveled to South America for a plant-medicine ceremony. In the interest of time, you may read about the cause and effect of that ceremony here. As it pertains to mycro, please keep reading: 

Following the aftermath of the ceremony I became engrossed in plant medicines. This led to the launch of MINERAL in December of 2017 and a lengthy self exploration of entheogenic substances to help manage my various psychological ailments. 

I spent August of 2018 in the San Jose Del Pacifico mountains above Oaxaca, Mexico. This mountainous range has been considered magical for hundreds of years. It is the birthplace of Marina Sabina, a Mazatec shaman who held veladas, healing ceremonies, based on the use of psilocybin mushrooms. Although this wasn’t her intent, Marina Sabina is responsible for the popularization of indigenous Mexican ritual use of entheogenic mushrooms amongst westerners. 

I came to Oaxaca as a westerner seeking an experience with psilocybin, believing that it would impact my ADHD.

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods

One of the towns centered in these mountains is San Mateo Rio Hondo. This town is far from mushroom-subtle, with art, street vendors, and cafes all paying tribute to the psychedelic mushroom. The cafes are notorious for serving mushroom tea and hundreds of other weary westerners visit to consume the magic liquid. 

My journey came with more guidance from a friend and Oaxacan, Coco. Coco passed on the tea, instructing me to do the same, and we sought after an experience with a teacher. 

Someday I’ll detail that experience cinematically. Being that you’ve made it this far on the promise of hearing the impetus of mycro, I believe it's best to get to that promise!

The psilocybin medicine we consumed from our teacher was infused in raw honey. The experience was transformative, for many reasons, and gifted me a practice I took home: consuming psilocybin in honey.

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods

For five days a week I consume a microdose, 165 mgs, of psilocybin in a spoonful of raw honey.  This daily ritual is incumbent for managing my anxiety, stress levels, and inspiring an improved sense of self. 

Over the years, learning from plant-enthused friends, the honey developed to include the medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens featured in mycro. Combining these ingredients and homogenizing them in raw honey is essential to my wellbeing and ability to be a kind, loving friend, son, boyfriend, and leader. 

Eventually I tested the effectiveness of the honey without the use of psilocybin. Although psilocybin is immensely beneficial in macro and microdoses, it is illegal and therefore can’t be distributed to the readers of this newsletter. 

Fortunately, the product minus psilocybin stood up and proved itself as a very worthy opportunity to improve sense of self, manage anxiety levels, and reduce stress. So we played with the various adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms to create a Calm, a Vitality, and an Immunity

In April or 2021 we made them available to our community. A year + later psilocybin is still wrongfully illegal. We’re working to change that. Until then, we continue to offer mycro as an efficacious and non-psychedelic alternative. 

And that’s how it started.