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Reishi 101

Used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries, the reishi mushroom tends to grow in hot and humid climates in Asia.

Reishi Mushroom

Other names for the mushroom include Ganoderma Lucidum and lingzhi.

Its antioxidant properties benefit the immune system. 

Found in Vitality, reishi serves as a staple to mycro’s pantry of ingredients. Reishi mushrooms can be eaten fresh, and are often made into powders and extracts.

Fatigue and depression

Taking reishi can help to combat feelings of depression and fatigue.

A study of 132 patients who suffered from neurasthenia (a condition that includes symptoms such as headaches, irritability, pains, and dizziness) showed a reduced level of fatigue after eight weeks of taking the supplement.

Anti-cancer benefits

The mushroom has beta-glucans, credited with stopping the spread and growth of cancer cells.

A study conducted in test tubes found that it could cause cancer cells to die.

Reishi has been associated with the killing of cancer cells (within test tubes) increased white blood cell activity, a key factor in fighting cancer.

Studies continue to research reishi’s positive effects on cancer (prostate, breast, and colorectal).

Researchers believe that it could be beneficial used along with traditional treatment.

Immune system benefits

Reishi mushrooms help improve the immune system.

Mushrooms can help to increase the number of white blood cells in the body, changing the inflammation pathways in those cells.

Reishi Mushroom

Controlling blood sugar, heart health, and more

It might be possible to decrease blood sugar levels with reishi.

Improving heart health could be another advantage of taking reishi.

One study conducted over 12 weeks on 26 participants found that the mushroom could increase HDL cholesterol while reducing triglycerides.

Reishi continues to be studied as a benefit for heart health.

Other potential uses of reishi mushrooms include addressing hypertension, viral infections, and lower urinary tract symptoms.