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Secret Sauce

There has to be some sort of secret sauce amongst our sweet, cacao-infused honey, right?

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With reviews like this:


Life Changing!

“This is delectable stuff! Adds so much flare to daily life and satisfies the urge to snack, whilst boosting energy / clarity!”

It’s only logical that we’d protect our formulation to continue to satisfy the sweet and salty cravings of fellow honey lovers, while simultaneously providing a stack of medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs to encourage energy, reduce inflammation, and calm the body and mind. 

We have to be doing something that we’re not telling everyone about, right? 

Well, no.

There is no secret sauce. However, there is a conscious decision made in sourcing adaptogens from diverse ecosystems, formulating with raw honey to deliver ingredients at peak potency, and using fruiting body mushrooms. 

The benefits experienced when consuming functional mushrooms come from the active compounds which are found primarily in the mushroom fruiting body. 

The fruiting body contains Beta-D-glucans, which are soluble fibers that originate in the cell walls. Beta glucans modulate our immune system, reduce inflammation, control blood sugar, encourage energy, and increase the overall performance of our brain and body. 

Thus, the mycro distinction of “made from fruiting body mushrooms,” is as important as any secret sauce. Without these beta glucans from fruiting body mushrooms, there is no benefit to experience. 

Something that hasn’t been listed on our site, but is used to distinguish our product from others when speaking with retailers is the amount of beta-glucans per serving in each of the honeys. This goes slightly beyond the transparency of depicting the amount of fruiting body mushrooms per serving, to share a compelling figure related to just how much more effective mycro is.

Let's look at Vitality:

Both the fruiting body per serving and the beta-glucans per serving are potent and in high enough volumes to satisfy the daily recommended dose for the medicinal mushrooms. 

We do understand that the beta glucan and fruiting body content isn’t why mycro is so delicious. Nonetheless, it is a clear indication that the honeys are of the highest efficacy and benefit to the body and mind.

Which, we believe, is part of our secret sauce.