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Turkey Tail 101

Turkey tail mushroom is a functional mushroom that grows on tree trunks and fallen trees in many parts of the world. Its name is derived from its appearance.

Turkey Tail Mushroom

This mushroom is also known as Coriolus Versicolor and Trametes Versicolor.

Found in Immunity and Calm, turkey tail has been used in traditional medicine for many years, often used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat respiratory conditions.

Turkey tail is also available in powders, tea, and supplements.

Immune boosting properties

Turkey tail mushrooms help to boost the immune system. The mushroom is filled with antioxidants that help to reduce or prevent damage caused by oxidative stress in the body.

The mushroom also contains polysaccharopeptide, which promotes the immune system by activating and inhibiting certain immune cells.

Additional evidence suggests improvement within the immune system of colon and breast cancer patients, resulting in suggested pairing with treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation.

Gut health

Turkey tail’s prebiotics help to maintain the proper balance of bacteria in the gut.

Balanced bacteria in the gut are essential to digestion.

The protein-bound beta-glucan in the fungi is believed to help to prevent obesity, supported by evidence that a high-fat diet didn’t increase weight gain as it usually would.

Turkey Tail Mushroom

Other potential benefits

The correlation between athletic performance and a diet including turkey tail continues to be studied, as reduced fatigue and improved exercise performance have been proven from studies.

A study also found that the blood sugar levels of mice were lower at rest and after exercising when turkey tail was included in a diet.

In a study addressing HPV, 88% of participants had signs of improvement, and in some cases, clearance of the HPV. In the control group, only five percent reported improvement.