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Cacao is sacred and medicinal, referred to as “food of the gods” by Mayans and other cultures.

Its mineral- and antioxidant-rich makeup contributes to a smart brain and a healthy heart.

A cup of brewed cacao has 25% of the caffeine that coffee has.

Cocoa to cacao

Cocoa pods, containing cacao beans, grow from tree trunks in tropical regions of Central and South America.

Cacao butter and raw cacao included in mycro are made by cold pressing cocoa beans.

The fat separates from the rest of the bean, producing raw cacao.

The cold-press preserves enzymes and fiber content, ideal for digestion, and minimizes the bitter taste noticeable in the raw cocoa bean. 

Once separated, raw cacao and cacao butter can be used for different purposes with benefits, texture, and flavor considered.

Why cacao?

The bean serves as a neuroprotector, a mood booster, an anxiety reducer, a muscle relaxant, a diuretic, and a cardiovascular tonic.

Cognition and Physical Benefits

Cacao is credited with countering effects of sleep deprivation on cognition and improving memory, promoting post-exercise recovery and increased pain tolerance.

Flavonoids increase cognitive blood flow, promoting brain function and connectivity from its high concentration of antioxidants called flavonoids.

Research also associates the bean with reduced anxiety and depression in those with previously poor cognitive health.

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods

Reduced Risk

Cacao increases insulin sensitivity, decreasing the risk for diabetes.

High amounts of magnesium and potassium lower body inflammation and stress, improving heart health.