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Immune-boosting adaptogens and herbs, preserved in cacao-infused honey, to strengthen the body’s reaction to inflammation and illness.


+ Strengthens the immune System 
+ Improve digestion
+ Reduce inflammation
+ Reduce anxiety + stress
Want more honey? Build a stack.

Fruity, bright, earthy

Rich, silky, granular

Raw Honey, Elderberry, Reishi (8:1), Lion's Mane (8:1), Turkey Tail (8:1), Chaga (8:1), Cordyceps (8:1), Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Gynostemma (20:1), Cacao, Shilajit, Cacao Butter, Vanilla.


How to use

Enjoy by the spoonful.

Spread on a banana or toast.

Add over mango or blueberries.

Stir into tea.

Lick the spoon.

Recipes for Immunity

Formulated as a superfood snack, mycro honeys are a life-enriching, anytime whole food supplement. As part of a daily routine, a spoonful of honey will reduce inflammation, anxiety, and stress.

We’ve curated a selection of recipes to create at home.

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"A delicious honey! I was super impressed by how I started to feel when taking this every day. Great product."

— John K.
Austin, Texas

"Got rid of my allergies! I used to take mushroom capsules and I was always forgetting about them. This honey—I eat every morning without fail. I love it!"

— Ali M.
New York, New York

"Love this stuff! Really tasty, perfect as an afternoon snack on a banana!"

— Stephanie L.
New York, New York