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An energizing blend of mood-boosting, courage inspiring, adaptogens and herbs, preserved in cacao-infused honey, to significantly improve cognition and sense of self.


+ Encourage Drive + Focus
+ Support Longevity
+ Reduce Inflammation
+ Balance and Improve Mood
Want more honey? Build a stack.

Sharp, Nutty, Full-flavored

Rich, Silky, Granular

Raw Honey, Cacao Butter, Reishi (16:1), Lion's Mane (8:1), Turkey Tail (8:1), Chaga (8:1), Cordyceps (10:1), Mucuna (20:1), Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Rhodiola (20:1), Gynostemma (20:1), Cacao, Shilajit, Vanilla Bean Powder.

Amazing product!

I love the taste, the smell, and the way it invigorates my spirit! Thank you 🙏🏼

Christina C. United States

Great product, mixed consistency

I was introduced to this product on huckberry. The consistency was fluid and easy to manage. I ordered two jars from the main site and they were both solid enough that they continue to bend my measuring spoons. Which consistency am I to expect if I continue ordering this product?

Stevens F. United States

Yum! Yum! Yum!

It’s like brownie batter on steroids good.

Brenda F. United States


It is so yummy and dense with good nutrition. We love it, on a spoon, in coffee, on peanut butter. Yum!

Margaret C. United States

Special Product

A delicious alternative to stuffing a pile of pills down my mouth each day. It’s replaced daily supplements I took for energy, focus, and stamina. I won’t ever go without it!

mills m. United States

Pricey, yet irresistible

Yum Yum, intriguing, up for more, and for friends w daunting diagnoses, and sweet tooth… if you’re gonna do sweet might at well do scrumptious with supportive adaptogens...

Casey United States


How to use

Enjoy by the spoonful.

Spread on a banana or toast.

Add over mango or blueberries.

Stir into tea.

Lick the spoon.

Recipes for Vitality

Formulated as a superfood snack, mycro honeys are a life-enriching, anytime whole food supplement. As part of a daily routine, a spoonful of honey will reduce inflammation, anxiety, and stress.

We’ve curated a selection of recipes to create at home.

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"Does as described. I feel less inflamed, more motivated, and more focused! Great product from a great team."

—  Pablo R.
San Antonio, Texas

"I use this daily. I put it in my coffee, spread it on bread, add it to bowls of fruit. I can actually feel the benefits of these mushrooms."

—  Sam S.
Austin, Texas

"I used to take a handful of pills. Now I take a spoonful of vitality. Thank you so much, mycro, for making this."

—  Alex M.
Los Angeles, California