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A cooling blend of stress-reducing adaptogens and mineral rich herbs, preserved in cacao-infused honey, to calm the nervous system and alleviate anxiety.


+ Relax the mind and body
+ Reduce inflammation
+ Improve digestion
+ Reduce anxiety + stress
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Floral, herbaceous, bitter

Rich, silky, granular

Raw Honey, Blueberry (50:1), Reishi (8:1), Lion's Mane (8:1), Turkey Tail (8:1), Chaga (8:1), Cordyceps (8:1), Passion Flower Extract, Mucuna (20:1), Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Gynostemma (20:1), Cacao, Shilajit, Cacao Butter, Vanilla, Lavender Concentrate.

Love it!

Perfect addition to smoothies. I use unsweetened acai, organic frozen blueberries, organic spinach, organic no sugar added chocolate protein powder, and a heaping spoon of Calm and it is perfect. Love Calm so much. I’ve been trying to stay away from things with added sugar so this is perfect. Immunity also works great and Vitality which I’ll put in tea or coffee too!

Andrew C. United States


Serene. Love it.

Elena B. United States

just what my body needed

Simply feel better. I'm a total fan of mycro Calm and looking forward to trying the others.

Peggy B. United States

Deliciously good for me

I have enjoyed mycro from a spoon, with peanut butter, with cheese, milk, ice ream and sweet potato which is infinitely amazing!

Linda L. United States

Earthy treat

Healthy, fun,and delicious in my chai tea!

Kendra K. United States

Incredible taste and perfect topping for Ezekiel bread snack or breakfast!

I love the taste and excited to experiment more with smoothies and other breakfast items and afternoon snacks.

Sam S. United States


How to use

Enjoy by the spoonful.

Spread on a banana or toast.

Add over mango or blueberries.

Stir into tea.

Lick the spoon.

Recipes for Calm

Formulated as a superfood snack, mycro honeys are a life-enriching, anytime whole food supplement. As part of a daily routine, a spoonful of honey will reduce inflammation, anxiety, and stress.

We’ve curated a selection of recipes to create at home.

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"It’s like a dessert, but good for you! I eat this every night before bed and have felt more relaxed and have slept better than I ever have before."

— Emily S.
Austin, Texas

"This is the best way to take mushrooms. It reminds me of my childhood."

— Mark M. 
Dallas, Texas

"My husband and I take this every night. It’s perfect in a tea or on toast. It helps me prepare for sleep."

— Hannah B.
New York, New York