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Nutrient dense whole-food bars to improve brain function, energy, and immunity. Adapt Bars are made with organic ingredients, flavored by real fruit, and stacked with 14 mood-boosting adaptogens.

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods

How it started

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Increase Dopamine Receptors

I’m quite religious in my following of Andrew Huberman and his weekly The Huberman Lab podcast. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Andrew Huberman is a professor of neuroscience and ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine.

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods

Brain Waves

The brain is an electrochemical orgain. Wild, right?

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods

Honey is healing

I grew up with honey. My mother was adamant that a squeeze onto toast, fruit, or directly in the mouth was the solution for a sore throat, fatigue, or inability to fall asleep. She used raw honey religiously, always declaring it as nature’s most nutritious food.

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods

Secret Sauce

There has to be some sort of secret sauce amongst our sweet, cacao-infused honey, right?

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods

Brain Energy

There are 78 organs in the human body, none of which use more energy than the brain. Despite our high intelligence levels, the brain only represents 2% of our body weight.

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods

Nootropic mushrooms

Nootropics are substances, organic and inorganic, that are capable of improving brain performance, enhancing cognition and memory, while facilitating the mind’s ability to learn.

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods

Trade Coffee for Cacao

Cacao is quite ceremonious. The Mayan and Aztec cultures praised its ability to lift spirits and inspire creativity. Today, after thousands of years of medicinal and spiritual usage, its ceremonious offering is continued by those of us in the Western world seeking an alternative to anxiety inducing stimulants.

mycro adaptogenic mushroom honey superfoods

A near perfect launch

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Immunity Adapt Bar

5 Benefits in adding Adaptogens to Your Diet

What should you expect when consuming adaptogens?


Why raw honey?

It’s all about the honey, honey!

honey drip

Which Mushrooms are Psychedelic?

Fungi are incredibly intelligent. Thousands of years of research defend the claim.

mycro mushroom - reishi

Adapting to Environment

Functional mushrooms’ and adaptogens’ benefits are seen from consistent use. Like working out, benefits are apparent by implementing habits.

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Food + Mood

Diet, movement, sleep, sunshine and oxygen are a few readily available tools for improving our mood.

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Chaga 101

Chaga is a functional mushroom used in traditional medicine, dense with benefits.

Chaga Mushroom

Turkey Tail 101

Turkey tail mushroom is a functional mushroom that grows on tree trunks and fallen trees in many parts of the world. Its name is derived from its appearance.

Turkey Tail Mushroom

Reishi 101

Used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries, the reishi mushroom tends to grow in hot and humid climates in Asia.

Reishi Mushroom

Lion's Mane 101

Native to North America, Europe, and Asia, lion’s mane is an edible mushroom used in cooking and as a medicinal mushroom in traditional medicine.

Lion's Man Mushroom

Cordyceps 101

Cordyceps, a type of fungus, has a fascinating growth process. A parasitic fungi, Cordyceps Sinensis grows on insect larvae — caterpillars that live in high altitudes in Asia, such as the Himalayas. The fungi has long been popular in Chinese medicine. 

Cordyceps Mushroom